Introducing Zoho Contracts

Zoho Contracts is a new application that enables the management of the 'life cycle' of a contract. It is the first app that is part of a new category in development at Zoho, 'Legal'. Contracts are created on a platform accessible to the various stakeholders for approval, negotiation, execution, modification, amendments and renewal. With Zoho Contracts contracts can be standardized according to their type of use, they offer 14 templates of contracts that can be modified and reusable according to the specificities of each company. In addition to the predefined contract templates, it offers a database of clauses to create new templates to feed into the existing template database, as needed. After approval, contracts can be negotiated directly via the platform. Counterparties can access contracts via links and make live changes before signing. Contracts can also be signed electronically live. Once the contracts are signed, if necessary, amendments, renewals and a break can be made. A letter of amendment is automatically generated stipulating the reasons for modification or termination... With Zoho Contracts you can follow the progress of contracts, in creation, approval, signature... Zoho Contracts informs in real time if the counterparty has received the notification with the link to access the contract, if it has viewed the document and any action it has taken to the documents. After signing, the clauses (obligations) of a contract are listed with the possibility of generating a notification sent in case of non-compliance. Zoho Contracts will be included in the Zoho One package.