NGP Expertise Paris 15

Our values are embodied every day in our actions, in our relationships with our stakeholders, both internally and externally. Each employee carries these values which are the common base of our ethical commitment. We have the duty to appropriate them, transmit them, share them and make them respected by each of the collaborators, and customers.



We create a climate and a relationship of trust, based on the listening and the exchange with all the interlocutors of the firm NGP EXPERTISE.

We are committed to:

  • Listen and exchange regularly with our various interlocutors to exclude malfunctions;
  • Support our employees and enhance their skills;
  • Encourage individual initiative and risk taking by being proactive;
  • Engage our employees and customers to respect these values ​​by signing a joint document;
  • Fight against illegal work against corruption, fraud, discrimination, moral and sexual harassment.


We appreciate all women and men in their particularity and diversity.

We are committed to:

  • Allow everyone to flourish as a person by being known and recognized in the various companies where they will intervene;
  • Establish sincere, polite and caring relationships with and between our employees, customers and service providers;
  • Respect the balance of "professional life and private life" of our employees, customers, service providers;
  • Have a recognition for the performance of our employees by a motivating remuneration policy;
  • Ensure transparency of our communication;
  • Realize a legally reliable service for administrative security.


Dialogue is at the heart of harmony between people. It aims at the permanent search of the common agreement and thus constitutes the essential mesh of securing the course of our employees. Encouraging dialogue provides the opportunity for everyone to make their voices heard so that they can achieve their goals of career development, work-life balance and privacy.

We are committed to:

  • Communicate transparently with our employees by imposing a daily high individual and collective level of requirement and by giving the best of ourselves to reach the highest performance;
  • Ensure a quick response to all requests;
  • Carry out an annual assessment and career development interview in accordance with the relevant regulations;
  • Implement the training plan identified jointly during this annual interview.


Being a responsible company, we carry the commitment to develop our working methods in respect of the planet by reducing our environmental impacts.

We are committed to:

  • Declare these objectives of improving environmental performance by implementing four types of eco-gestures:
    • Eco gestures to reduce electricity consumption;
    • Eco-gestures to reduce the impact of emails and web requests;
    • Eco-gestures to limit the consumption of paper and prints;
    • Eco-gestures to reduce water consumption.